National hotline

A “curious” businessman from Narayanganj calls the 333 national hotline for food. Now he has to feed 100 poor families as punishment

Sadar Upazila UNO Arifza Zohra discovered the case after arriving at Deobhog in Kashipur to provide food for the man, identified as Farid Ahmed, on Thursday afternoon.

A mobile court later ordered Farid to provide 100 low-income people with food as punishment.

Farid will now have to distribute more than 1,500 kg of food to the poorest. He claims to have called the emergency services hotline to “satisfy his curiosity”.

The UN will distribute food aid to 100 poor families on Friday.

The government has launched the national helpline, 333, for citizens struggling to cope with the impacts of the coronavirus outbreak shutdown. Upazila administration officials deliver food to homes of people when they get calls on the helpline, ”Zohra said.

“On Wednesday, the resident of Kashipur called us to ask for food aid. I myself went to his place to deliver the food. But I found out that the man had a four-story building and a factory.

“I called for no reason. It was a mistake,” the man told Johra after she arrived home with the food aid.

“Food aid is delivered to people just a day after they call the national hotline. But a lot of people are calling for no reason and it’s just not right,” Zohra said.