National convention

A gaming event will take place during the national convention

Since last December, the American Legion and Regiment Gaming – the nation’s largest military gaming community – has collaborated on several online and in-person events. This relationship will be on display again at the 2022 American Legion National Convention in August. Regiment Gaming will have a designated area with gaming stations in the Wisconsin Center. Exact location and hours of operation will be provided as they become available. Paradox Customs donates all PCs and related equipment for stations.

Chris Earl, a US Marine Corps veteran and founder/CEO of Regiment Gaming, said he was contacted by American Legion member engagement coordinator Doug Chace about organizing the event in Milwaukee. Earl said setting up the stations is an opportunity to “show Legionnaires the power of video games. We’re going to be setting up eight play stations… and it’s going to be a combination of free play – people come in, play games, have fun – and we’ll also have a Call of Duty 2v2 tournament.

Players can register for the tournament on site. Check back for more details closer to the convention.

“I think it’s a great opportunity,” Earl said. “There are millions of military players out there. This should certainly encourage young people (veterans) to attend the national convention.

Last December, the American Legion and Regiment Gaming hosted an online video game tournament between veterans and pro gamers that was viewed by more than 25,000 people. The following February, the two entities partnered again, this time using Minnesota Department Duty Officer Jeremy Wolfsteller for a Department of Veterans Affairs online assistance workshop that provided information on various benefits available to veterans, as well as how to obtain them or reapply if previously denied.

The Regiment and the Legion collaborated again last May, this time for a Halo Local Area Network (LAN) team tournament that included a $10,000 Legion-funded purse.

“It will certainly be unique from events we’ve held in the past,” Earl said. “Generally, the average age of our competitors is 23. I’m really, really super excited.”