National convention

APC Ghana insists on making lists of delegates and committees for national convention – The Sun Nigeria

By Chinelo Obogo, Lagos

On Thursday, the Ghanaian section of the All Progressives Congress (APC) protested against its non-inclusion as a bloc of delegates at the APC national convention scheduled for March.

APC Ghana President, Mr. Oghenosa Micheletti, said in a statement that failure to officially hand over an APC Ghana delegate position is tantamount to relegation, sidelining and non-inclusion, which was not acceptable to its members.

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“We are not just sidelined; we are not even included in any of the committees of the convention no matter how active the Ghanaian chapter is in spreading the image of the APC to the world,” he said.

“In Ghana, the APC flag is very visible and we have a large number of members who now feel that they are only important during elections to be used to propagate the image of the APC during presidential elections. .

“The APC belongs to all Nigerians who wish to be members. No one will make us leave the party. We have worked for President Muhammadu Buhari’s campaign and for the party since 2015 and we will do so again but we will not be sidelined,” he added.

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Michetetti said members were angry and also demanded that new amendments be made to the APC constitution to recognize diaspora groups as part of the party body.

“APC Ghana is the first chapter in the Diaspora to raise billboards to call Nigerians home to vote and no one can frustrate us from the party, this is our party. We have been major physical contributors to our party’s victory in every election since 2015, we have records of our physical contributions and physical presence in most states and this was done without any financial support from our party or leaders.

“Our current interim leadership can attest to our immense contributions to the party. Failure to include us in the agenda of the next convention will be a violation of our basic human rights as Nigerian citizens and party members.

“We believe in resolving our party’s issues peacefully as a family, but if prompt redress is not made and our claims are not considered, we may seek an alternative legal solution to the case to obtain justice. “, added Micheletti.