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Aspirant promises automatic tickets to lawmakers

A Congress of All Progressives Presidential aspirant (APC) Sani Musa has promised that party members in the National Assembly will get the first right of refusal for return tickets in the elections, if elected.

Incumbent Senator Musa made the pledge while addressing the APC House of Representatives caucus on Tuesday in Abuja.

He was responding to a question from Ahmed Jaha (APC, Borno) on the high turnover of members of the National Assembly.

Mr Jaha had lamented the lawmakers’ inability to secure return tickets from their party and asked the aspirant what he would do with the situation, if elected at the party’s national convention on March 26 .

Mr Musa said he would make it party policy to give lawmakers the right to refuse tickets. He said, however, that the privilege will be based on the performance of lawmakers.

He explained that when the policy is in place, a peer review will be conducted to assess the performance of each elected legislator on the party platform.

“Each of us gets stipends as constituency projects. Each of us has his own initiative and a manifesto that he or she intends to make for his constituents. Are you unloading it?

“Through this peer review that we will do, we will be able to get enough data about the party. So the moment we say no we deny you the ticket, we will say go and compete with others. But we know that when you compete, you will fail.

“And if you want to challenge us on why we gave Mr. A and we refuse you, we will bring out the data. This will improve performance. When we do this, it will take care of dropping limbs all the time. And then we’ll make it party policy. Everywhere they do that, even in the United States,” he said.

Mr. Musa also spoke of the need for a sustainable source of funding for the ruling party.

According to him, the party has no reason to depend on party governors for funding but that it should rely on its 42 million subscribers to raise funds.

“We have websites, APC, APC, APC….. All can be consolidated into one, and at the push of a button….. Why is it that when you open your mail you see different types of messages from spam that you don’t have? isn’t it even welcome sometimes? But you see a topic or title that will tempt you to open it. But the moment you open it, you will realize that it This is rubbish. But someone is making money out of it.

“We all have our smartphones. All 42 million members or at least the majority of us have phones. I can see in the register, there is a column where the phone numbers are fixed. Why can’t we take advantage of it and collect our subscription without making our members feel it by collecting on a monthly basis?

The senator, who represents the eastern senatorial district of Niger, also pledged to support the inclusion of women.

He said there is a plan for youth and women, noting that the party needs to define affirmative action because the concept is so broad.

“Under my leadership, women will get what they want because I don’t see why women should buy forms. I don’t even see why women should be allowed to go around constituencies, men should do it for them,” he said.

We won’t have Buhari’s 12 million votes in 2023– Yari

Meanwhile, another candidate, Abdulaziz Yari, said the APC needed someone with his experience to lead the party to win the 2023 presidential election.

Mr. Yari, former governor of Zamfara state, said so on Tuesday during a meeting with the APC House of Representatives Caucus.

He said that the APC would participate in the 2023 elections without the 12 million votes that President Muhammadu Buhari had obtained in the previous elections to defeat his opponents and therefore the party had to find someone with his experience to navigate there.

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“We know that our party is in a delicate situation, which must be resolved before arriving at the voting booths in 2023. I know that I have the capacity to work with each of you,” he added.

Mr. Yari, a former member of the House of Representatives, who is in the running despite micro-zoning the presidency to the north-central geopolitical zone, said he was unaware of the party zoning arrangement.

“I don’t know anything about the zoning issue because it was not communicated to me, I only saw it on social media.

“I have chosen the form and we are ready to meet in the ballot,” he said.


The former governor, who disapproved of zoning, said party members were trying to break the jinx called zoning by embracing true democracy.

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