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ATHS National Convention and Truck Show Draws Crowds Land Line

Truckers and truck enthusiasts from across the country gathered in Springfield, Illinois for the American Truck Historical Society’s National Convention and Truck Show. The annual event kicked off June 9 at the Illinois State Fairgrounds.

Around 5,000 visitors per day take advantage of all that the fair has to offer. In addition to the nearly 800 trucks lining the fairgrounds, attendees can shop at booths, search for restoration parts for their trucks at the swap meet, learn about trucking history, and more. Again.

Photos from the 2022 ATHS National Convention and Truck Show

Laurence Gration, executive director of ATHS, told Land Line that the event is different from other truck shows. He says difference is what makes the show so successful.

“The difference is, as we advertise, this is a convention and a truck show,” Gration said. “It is therefore the part of the agreement that is unique. The interior, the speakers, the cabins, everything like that. The truck show is great because we have dedicated members who bring trucks from across the country. The slogan we used this year was “more than a truck show”. And it really is. People love that. »

Trucks of all sizes and ages to display at the show, many of which have been meticulously restored down to the smallest detail. Gration says the passion owners have for their trucks is evident.

“The passion is incredible. You just have to look at the trucks to see it,” he said. ” Everybody is the same. Whether you put in a year or a million dollars, you want to show it. So that’s the passion. It’s the reader. There are very few people who come to a truck show with a truck and just park it. You really want to show it, because it’s your pride and joy.

The event will continue until June 11. LL

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