National convention

Doral Academy Mu Alpha Theta places sixth at National Convention

Doral Academy’s award-winning math team missed the national championships last year due to the pandemic and were very excited to return to competition this year, even though they couldn’t stand in person.

28 Doral high school students gathered on the Doral Academy campus for two days of rigorous testing on July 13-14.

The tests covered a wide range of topics and levels, from algebra I to advanced calculus. The thematic tests included more specific areas of mathematics, such as the history of mathematics, matrices and vectors, physics and many more.

The math team placed 6e globally in the raffles. Their poster placed 5e; calculation team 4e; precompute 5e. Twenty-seven awards were given to students for their performance on individual tests.

Two students placed in the Chalk Talk category, where a student is to research a given topic and deliver a 7 minute talk that delves into the topic and presents it in a unique and engaging way. Nicholas Arce placed 6e in the Theta division and Amanda Miyares 7e to Mu.

Students who have won three individual awards include:

Diana Bishop, outgoing president of the mathematics club (Limits & Derivatives 6e; Mu 10 applicationse; Number theory 10e);

Marc Marquez (Mu Math in Physics 13e; Integration 8e; Zone & Volume 7e); and

Ronit Sohal (Matrices & Vectors 9e; Alpha Equations and Inequalities 10e; Analytical geometry 12e).

Students who have won two individual awards include:

Alberto Alvarez (Mu BC Calculus 5e; Integration 7e);

Natalie Chung (alpha 10 complex numberse; Encryption 20e);

Nicholas Newman (Alpha Maths in Physics 7e; Complex numbers 11e);

Christian Villa (Mu BC Calculus 12e; Integration 15e).

Also winning individual prizes:

Catalina Caycedo (Applications Theta 14e);

Aarush Chaubey (Trigonometry 7e);

Steven Diaz (Full Mu 9e);

Maria Gonzalez (Alpha Maths in Physics 13e);

Vaishnavi Kappagantula (Alpha Sequences & Series 12e);

Nicholas Ordonez (Combinatorial Alpha & Probability 10e);

Manuel Rodriguez (Mu Math in Physics 14e);

Yash Saxena (Mu Apps 14e).