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Eagles fly to national convention | Agriculture

EL CENTRO – Last year there were many barriers in place for schools across the country to get involved and stay active in clubs and organizations. This was not the case for Southwest High School’s El Centro FFA. They found unique ways to engage students and help them soar. At the end of October, eight members will take the national stage at the FFA National Convention and Exhibition as they showcase their hard work and efforts over the past year.

The 94th FFA National Convention will be held October 27-30 in Indianapolis, Indiana. With five U.S. degree recipients, two national delegates and a national competency award finalist, El Centro is sure to be a hit at this year’s national convention!

Seniors Daniela Bastidas and Andrew Angulo from the El Centro FFA chapter have been selected to serve as national delegates to the national convention. In three weeks, the two students will fly to Indiana to attend the national delegate meetings to ensure the FFA remains a student-led organization. Daniela and Andrew are two of 38 students selected to represent the California FFA!

The FFA National Delegate experience ensures that the FFA National Organization remains a student-led organization serving students from all over the United States, ranging from the State of Alaska to Puerto Rico and State of Maine in Hawaii. Each year at the FFA National Convention and Exhibition, the Delegate Experience brings together 475 student leaders from across the country. Delegates come from each of the organization’s 52 state associations to share ideas and perspectives that move the organization forward. Each year, the California FFA Association elects a limited number of students across the state to represent the California FFA at the national level.

This year, Francisco Rocha of the El Centro FFA chapter placed first in the State of California for the Agricultural Processing Competence Award, where he rose to the national level and qualified among the top four in the country for this award. areas of expertise. He will take the stage on October 28 to find out if he is the national winner of the National Agricultural Transformation Award.

The Agricultural Competence Awards honor members of the FFA who, through supervised farming experiences, have developed specialized skills that they can apply to their future careers. Nationally, students can compete for prizes in nearly 50 fields ranging from agricultural communications to wildlife management. The Competency Awards are also recognized at the local and state levels and recognize members who explore and establish themselves in agricultural career paths.

Each year, the National FFA Organization honors FFA members who demonstrate the greatest dedication to the organization through their desire to develop their potential for leadership, personal growth and professional success through agricultural education. The American FFA Diploma is awarded to a select group of students in recognition of their years of academic and professional excellence. This year, 3,863 members will graduate from the United States.

Among these members, Madison Mills, Ivanna Valenzuela, Kandyce Johnston, Malei Tipton and Mirella Saasta, members of the El Centro FFA chapter of El Centro, Calif., Will receive the American FFA diploma at the 94th FFA National Convention and Exhibition, in October. 30th, 2021. To be eligible, FFA members must have earned and productively invested $ 10,000 through a supervised farming experience program in which they own their own business or hold a professional position as a than employed.

Recipients are also expected to complete 50 hours of community service and demonstrate exceptional leadership abilities and civic involvement by completing a long list of FFA and community activities. Less than one percent of FFA members graduate from the US FFA. Each recipient of the US FFA Diploma receives a key and a Gold Certificate of the US FFA Diploma after being recognized at the National Convention. This is the largest group of members that El Centro FFA has secured since its inception in 1930.

1939 – Yoshiyo Tsujimoto

1940- Henry House

1943- Stanley Scaroni

1991 – Travis L. Metcalf

1992- Élisabeth Hinojosa

1994 – Travis Gorham

1995- Jeremy Gorham

1999- Shanna Abatti

Tony abatti

2003- Garrett Bishop

Justin pritchard

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2004- Max Sheffield

2005- Kelly Bishop

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2006- Erica Barioni

2007- Brittany Burgan

2008- Russell Davis

2011- Allison Cameron

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