National call

Government launches ‘national appeal’ for young traders to stay in Ireland to build houses

The government has called on young students to consider an apprenticeship to help build and renovate homes as online applications for university places for the 2022 academic year opened on Friday.

In a national appeal, Higher and Higher Education Minister Simon Harris urged young apprentices to stay in Ireland and not to travel abroad to work after completing their training here.

He said: “Our message to any young apprentice is that we really need you.

“So this is a national call for all of us to step up and do all we can to resolve the two biggest crises outside of Covid of our time; housing and climate.

“Government has a role to play here, but all of us, as citizens, have a role to play.

“If you come out with a qualification, with a trade, we need you to help us, to help us build houses, to help us build affordable houses.

“I will never tell anyone what they should do after school because it is for them, but I absolutely encourage young people to explore the many opportunities they have to get involved in the community. construction and the green economy. “

View of construction cranes on a construction site in the Docklands area of ​​Dublin. Thursday June 10, 2021, in Dublin, Ireland. (Photo by Artur Widak / NurPhoto)

Minister Harris said politicians talk about building and renovating homes, but none of them can do the job and want passionate people to get involved.

For the first time, this year students will also be able to find out about continuing education and apprenticeships via the CAD portal.

Minister Harris said the inclusion of information on the full range of third-level options on a single platform was intended to make the industry “more inclusive.”

He said he hoped this step would “change the conversation” about career opportunities.

Speaking to reporters at government buildings, he said, “It’s all become about the CAD form, it’s almost this national obsession that we have with points racing, form filling and the impact of stress, anxiety and mental health.

“It’s pretty horrible the stress and pressure we put on 17 year olds to fill out a form and ‘tell me what you want to do for the rest of their life’.

“What we’re trying to do is when you log into the OAC website, look at all the options. “

Minister Harris said the government can assure young tradespeople that there is a “pipeline of planned projects” for the years to come and said “you will not be out of work and there will be many career opportunities. “.

SOLAS state training agency CEO Andrew Brownlee noted that there is currently a backlog of apprentices awaiting training due to the pandemic.

He said that at the end of the year, they expect 40% of those on the waiting list to be back in training.

He said “everyone should be in training by next year and already the waiting list is down to 2,500 in the space of a month.”

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