National convention

Latin Learners Excel at National Convention

Summit’s Latin program is nationally recognized for its excellence, and over the summer students competed against other Latin learners for top prizes and recognition at the National’s virtual convention. Junior Classical League. They submitted videos for the Creative Arts category, sent photos of their graphic arts projects, took academic tests via Google Forms and competed “live” via Zoom. Congratulations to these students for their achievements this summer.

Abby Almaguer ’22

Abby placed first in the Senior Girls’ “Marathon” and served as Treasurer for the Ohio Delegation, organizing our spiritual cheers and selling merchandise.

Irene Calderon ’22

Elected editor-in-chief of the NJCL last summer, Irene’s editions of the past year’s national newsletter, “The Torch: US,” are available online. She was elected to the National Board of Directors as the 2021-2022 NJCL Historian. Irene will be responsible for creating and editing the organization’s national scrapbook.

Aaron Fraley’26

Aaron excelled academically during the week, earning 1st place in the Hellenic History and Mythology tests and 2nd in Roman History, all at ½ level. Aaron also made up 50% of the 9th place Novice Certamen team from Ohio.

Jimmy Fraley ’22

Jimmy competed on the Upper Level Certamen team from Ohio which placed 6th and also served as the South Gubernator, having planned a regional picnic to get the students excited and ready for the convention.

Wali Khan ’23

Wali has placed in nearly every Minecraft competition, winning 1st place in Archery, a Cum Laude honor in Creative Building, and 5th place in Swimming.

Mia Rahner ’23

Mia’s drawing/painting work earned her the highest honor Summa Cum Laude.

Kendall Richard ’22

As the outgoing editor of Ohio’s Latin-language newsletter, “The Torch,” Kendall’s work earned him #7 in the nation. She is currently the first vice president of the OJCL, managing social media and membership for the state.

MS/US Latin Teacher Lisa Mays

Ms. Mays continued in her capacity as OJCL Student State President, advising the OJCL Board of Directors as it led the Ohio delegation through the various activities and competitions.