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LE National Convention Highlights Final Victory in Christ

Elder Almir Marroni, publishing director of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, delivered God’s message for Sabbath worship. Amid different regional crises and challenges faced in other parts of the world, Marroni encouraged delegates to say that our victory is rooted in Jesus.

The recent pandemic has shown a glimpse of life in turmoil. People are dying, thousands are losing their jobs, economies are dwindling, marriages are breaking up and individuals are losing their self-esteem. However, despite everything, the Bible teaches that there is hope. According to Marroni, while we are in the midst of a great battle, there will be times when we might falter, but at the end of the day, if we confidently place our trust in the Savior, Jesus Christ, our salvation is guaranteed.

“The way we understand the great controversy, the battle between good and evil, gives us the vision that we will face all the tragedies, problems and challenges. When we understand that we are part of the great controversy between Christ and Satan, we know that everything that happens in this world has meaning,” Marroni said.

“We as literature evangelists are called by the Lord to share these visions because it will be a comfort to many…When a literature evangelist visits a family, couple, or professional , regardless of cultural background or upbringing, these people need to know and understand that we are here on this planet and that we are participating in this great conflict of eternity,” Marroni added.

Marroni stressed that despite all the uncertainties and conflicts we face daily, our victory will only depend on our relationship with God and our understanding of his plan for all of us. He encouraged delegates to remain firm in their call. He shared inspiring stories of literature evangelists located in different parts of the world and how they continue to find ways and opportunities to share the gospel in other avenues available today.

Some literature evangelists have maximized the influence of social media in promoting our books. Others have used their skills and talents and made them available in different video conferencing applications to reach people online. Young and old, all are eager to participate in the work of the Lord to share the good message of hope to all.

This article originally appeared on the Southern Asia-Pacific Division news site