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Milwaukee takes first step towards 2024 Republican National Convention

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett joined VISIT Milwaukee officials this week as they made an initial effort to have the city host the 2024 Republican National Convention.

Milwaukee was among eight cities to appear Tuesday before the Republican National Committee’s site selection panel in Washington, DC

Offers are due December 1.

Jeff Fleming, a spokesman for the mayor, said Barrett “is very supportive of any major political convention coming to Milwaukee regardless of his party. And he is willing to work as much as possible to attract a major political convention. “.

Barrett, who was appointed U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg, was in Washington for scheduled meetings at the Capitol and the US State Department, Fleming said.

Milwaukee made his presentation at an event called “Interested Cities Day”.

The delegation was led by Peggy Williams-Smith, President and CEO of VISIT Milwaukee. She was joined by board member Gerard Randall who is also first vice president of the Wisconsin Republican Party.

“They seemed to know a lot about Milwaukee already,” Williams-Smith said of the GOP representatives. “They seemed committed to what we were saying. I came away with a pretty positive feeling that we gave a good presentation and that we will have more communication in the future.”

The city faces a tight deadline to secure an offer together. Not only will officials have to respond to a formal request for proposal, but a host committee will need to be established.

“Now the hard work begins,” said Williams-Smith. Although she was told that eight cities attended the meeting on Tuesday, she said she did not know their names.

Milwaukee won the nomination for the 2020 Democratic National Convention, but the event was drastically reduced to a mostly virtual spectacle due to the pandemic.

Barrett accepted a first invitation from the DNC to put the city in the running for the Democrats’ 2024 event.