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National 811 call day: call before you dig

KENNEWICK, Wash. – August 10 is National 811 Call Day, and Cascade Natural Gas would like to remind everyone to always call 811 before digging due to underground utility lines.

According to Cascade Natural Gas, “every few minutes an underground utility line is damaged across the country because someone decided to dig without calling 811 first.” Unmanned digging of utility lines can result in injury, fines, repair costs and outages in the area.

“Even projects that you might consider ‘small’, like planting a garden, require you to contact 811.”

Cascade Natural Gas said in a press release that whenever you dig, no matter the size of the project, you are required by law to call 811 for each project. These projects can range from planting a tree to building a patio. Experts at Cascade Natural Gas also said that it is essential to call even if you want to dig in places where the lines have been previously identified and marked.

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“Relying on important utilities to connect us and keep us safe at home, calling 811 is really the only way to find out what utilities are buried in your area so you can safely dig,” said Mike Schoepp, Director of Operations Services at Cascade Natural Gas. .

811 directs you to the appropriate utility company, which sends out professionals for free to locate underground lines with flags and / or spray paint. You can also make requests online to dig on

According to the Call 811 website, in Washington state, you must call two business days before a digging project to notify the call center of your “intention to dig.” The website also states that your marks are valid for approximately 45 days.