National convention

National Convention for the Promotion of Artichokes

The “There carciofo. Tra storia, tradizione e innovazione“(Artichokes – history, tradition and innovation) which took place on September 24 in Ramacca brought together academics and experts from the agricultural sector with the sole objective of reviving production in the plain of Catania and to assess new opportunities for Marlet.

A moment during the event

Ramacca represents the largest area intended for the production of artichokes, with more than 6,500 hectares having a considerable socio-economic impact. The main destination is the regional market, even if part of the products are sent to the national market and even abroad.

Sicily’s direct competitors are the regions south of the Mediterranean Sea, while Puglia and Lazio are the main competitors at the national level.

More generally, Sicily is the leading artichoke producing region in the world. The artichoke began to spread in Sicilian territory from the end of the 19th century, but it was not until after the war, thanks to important restoration works and the profound transformations induced by the agrarian reform. , that the artichoke has become the flagship product of local agriculture.

Speakers discussed in particular the variety “Violetto”, known as “Ramacchese”, and the need to focus on processing to increase its commercial value. Again, we see how the potential of a product increases in the presence of the shortest possible complete chain. Consumption of fresh artichokes is currently only part of a possible future scenario that will include processing.

Domenico Targia and Rosario Sallemi

An opening speech by Domenico Targia was followed by talks involving the extraordinary commissioner of the municipality of Ramacca, historian Antonino Cucuzza; Giancarlo Colelli from the University of Foggia; Sara Lombardo, Gaetano Pandino, Gaetano Pesce and Aurelio Scavo from the University of Catania; Andrea Passanisi, president of Coldiretti Catania; Giovanni Pappalardo of the Council of the Chamber of Commerce of Southeast Sicily; Giampaolo Ferri (remotely connected) from Coop Alleanza 3.0; Francesco Vescera, researcher studying territory, environment, food and culture; Francesco Nicodemo, extraordinary commissioner of the Eastern Sicily rehabilitation consortia and Alfio Papale, deputy of Ars.

The Municipality of Ramacca organized the event with the cooperation of expert agronomist Rosario Sallemi, known for helping various public and private organizations to organize international conventions and fairs on the cultivation of fresh produce. In a telephone interview, he stressed the “need to work to obtain the Pdo or Pgi brand for Ramacca artichokes. The objective of the event was to deliver to the city the results of a technical and scientific convention – a whole series of data and studies that must be used to improve production techniques and promote this amazing product. All this in view of the next Sagra del Carciofo to be held in 2022. ”