National convention

Sixth Baha’is to hold National Convention during Ridvan Festival, election of delegates

National Baha’i center where Baha’is gather to elect the National Spiritual Assembly of the Virgin Islands on April 23-24. (Photo submitted)

On April 23-24, 18 delegates from across the Virgin Islands will gather at the National Baha’i Center on Crown Mountain in St. Thomas for the 54th National Baha’i Convention, which will include the annual election of the National Board of Directors. , called the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of the Virgin Islands.

This election takes place every year during the Ridván Festival, which normally takes place from April 21 to May 2. Additionally, delegates will consult on community affairs and how best to contribute to its betterment, especially here in the United States. and the British Virgin Islands.

Baha’i elections are based on spirituality; no election campaign or nomination is allowed; each delegate will prayerfully vote for the nine adults who best exemplify the qualities of dedication and ability needed to serve on the national council.

The nine members elected this year will administer the affairs of the community. They will also serve as delegates to the international convention held in Haifa, Israel, in April 2023, which will elect, from among all the Baha’is of the world, the nine persons who will serve on its highest administrative body, the Universal House of Justice. .

For more information, contact Rodney Clarken, Ph.D., at [email protected] or 970-691-2740.

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