National convention

The Syracuse FFA participates in the 2021 national convention

In late October, the Syracuse FFA Chapter attended the FFA Annual Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana.

This year’s FFA National Convention and Exhibition aimed to educate the next generation of leaders. It took place from October 27 to 30.

Syracuse FFA teacher Nicole Mowry said it was great for the students to be able to see how great the FFA is at the national level.

“There were over 50,000 members and guests registered this year. Some of them were also online. They all seemed to be having a good time. There were connections that were made on the trip and a lot of leadership skills learned that they bring back to improve our Chapter, ”Mowry said.

The convention offered several workshops that students could attend. They focused on chapter growth, building leadership skills and promoting professional success.

Syracuse students also had the opportunity to attend a careers exhibition featuring careers in agriculture.

Mowry said they were able to speak one-on-one with business leaders to see if the career was of interest to them. They also had the opportunity to do industry tours.

“One of the favorites was seeing how quality shrimp were produced in the middle of Indiana,” Mowry said.

The students also enjoyed the Brett Young concert and had a bonding night at Indy Scream Park.

Mowry said one of the best things was for students to interact with members from other states.

“Some of my quieter members surprised me and came out of their shell and interacted with several different members. It’s a great networking opportunity for the students and some of the friends they’ve met this year. will stay in touch with the rest of the high school or even longer, ”Mowry said.

But compared to other years, Mowry said there weren’t as many people in attendance. Because of this, they were able to take advantage of the floor seats during the opening ceremonies.