National convention

VET TV will present and broadcast the 103rd National Convention

Veteran Entertainment Television (VET Tv) will be on hand during the 103rd American Legion National Convention from August 29 through September 29. 1, 2022 in Milwaukee. The streaming service dedicated to authentic storytelling of veterans by veterans will report on the most pressing and timely issues facing American veterans and their families.

VET TV’s coverage will focus on employment and transition, the American Legion’s efforts to shape veteran- and family-friendly legislation, and suicide prevention – with a particular focus on the new Be the One. With dozens of key decision makers, policy experts and national leaders attending the convention, VET TV will be able to provide its veteran audience with the information they need.

“We are truly excited to help the American Legion reach a wider and more diverse audience, especially our active and engaged post-9/11 community,” said Waco Hoover, General Manager of VET Tv. the Legion has done for veterans across the country, we really want to do our part to make sure the younger generation understands the impact the Legion has had in supporting those who have given so much in defense of America.

“The American Legion is known for tackling the most important issues facing veterans,” said Dean Kessel, Legion Marketing Director. “We are thrilled to have VET TV at the convention covering topics that our members believe are important and essential for every veteran in America.”

In addition to the content created at the convention, VET Tv will offer a one-month free trial of its streaming service to every American Legion member before and after the meetings. The promotional code is LEGION22.